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What if your daughter could grow up to embrace independence, difference, and change – and revel in it, rather than fear it?


The Reality

Let’s face it. The world is a messy place these days. And it’s getting messier. It seems that the warp and weave of the fabric that holds us together is fraying faster than we can stitch it back. But what could happen if . . .

We embraced a sense of curiosity, an adventurous attitude, and a love of learning?

Our families listened with respect and understanding?

We communicated with tolerance and empathy within our communities—in person and online?

We valued—even celebrated—our differences?

Our diverse perspectives led to innovation, growth, and prosperity for our cities and country?

We collaborated better together to solve global challenges?

We lived in a world more filled with love?

The possibilities are endless.


Imagine what could happen—for our families, for our communities, and for the world—if we inspired children to be curious, adventurous, and appreciative of the rich individual and cultural differences we all contribute to the world. What would the world look like? Feel like? Be like? Most important: What could we accomplish together?


What if you could make the world a better place with just one small step forward each day? Would you try?

The thing is, we can shift the trajectory.


The Potential

And it starts with your daughter, your granddaughter, and the girl next door. They are watching us. They are learning from us. We can inspire them to make a difference by making a difference ourselves – each day. Every day. We can nurture an adventurous spirit that inspires them to go out and explore the world. We can infuse them with curiosity and an insatiable thirst to learn. We can coach them to notice what unites us and appreciate the value of our differences.


At Pack-n-Go Girls, we believe that each of us can make a difference. If we teach our daughters to move into the world from a place of openness, wonder, and curiosity, rather than fear, judgment and separation, we set them up to live profoundly more nourishing, connected lives. And, along the way, that benefits not only them, but the world.


If we all take one small step – together – each day, we can inspire our girls. It won’t happen if just one of us tries. Or two. Or three. We all need to stand up and take a step forward in shaping the future we want for our girls.


That’s why we started Pack-n-Go Girls.


The Mission

At Pack-n-Go Girls, our mission has been and always will be to expand the world for young girls so they can build curiosity and independence, as well as better understand the diverse richness we each bring to the world. And this is our creed:

But we can’t do it alone.


The Adventure

We’re on an adventure to inspire girls to discover the world. To be curious. To be independent. To value what unites us. And to celebrate the differences that make us unique. The world is waiting. Let’s inspire girls everywhere to take it on.


Here’s what you get when you raise your hand to be part of the Pack-n-Go Girls Adventure – we’ll send you a FREE printable Adventure Starter Kit that includes the following interactive activities:

Travel Tips

Conversation Starters

Coloring Page

Story Starters

Geography Scavenger Hunt

Secret Decoder

PLUS, each month you’ll receive updates on the latest Pack-n-Go Girls news, links to our blog posts that are packed with action-oriented tips, fun crafts, writing prompts, and recipes to explore the world – and access to exclusive new activities that we build especially for our fellow adventurers.


The best part? You’ll be part of a community of parents, grandparents, daughters, granddaughters, teachers, and students all committed to the same thing. We’ll share our stories, and we hope you’ll share your stories too. We’ll work together to inspire our girls to take on the world.


Join us today and you don’t have to wait another day to start exploring the world with the little girl in your life!


Are you in?

You must be 18 years old to sign up.

Still want more?


More Paths to Explore

Be Curious

Curiosity is a mindset. Pick something—a country, a food, a tradition, a different climate—and spend a few minutes online reading about it. How do those few minutes shift your thinking? You can get started now.

Plan a Trip

It doesn't have to be big or expensive. You can #packngo to the other side of town, #packngo to a nearby city, #packngo to a multicultural restaurant, or #packngo to the state next door. Check out 40 fabulous travel tips today.

Read (Every Night)

We know of a few good books you can start with—but honestly, there are many great multicultural reads. Our other favorites? Check out National Geographic and We Need Diverse Books.

Go In Depth

Explore a country in depth. Our 45+ page Country Exploration Kits include additional cross-curriculum learning activities in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and art.

Talk to Schools

We’d love to come visit. We use the five senses to take students on a tour around the world and discover how to make their writing come alive. Share our Author Packet with your school librarian.

Talk to Friends

Tell your friends about what we are doing together! If this is meaningful to you and you know of other parents, grandparents, teachers, who you think will connect with our mission, please share it!